Organizer:Ministry of EducationCo-Organizers:National Science and Technology Museum、the Department of Biomechatronics Engineering at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST)

Exhibition Period:2019.9.27 – 2021.12.31 (Free admission)

Opening Hours:Tuesday to Friday 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year's Day)


B1F circular atrium, B3F "The Story of Taiwan Agriculture" exhibition hall


The geological and climatic conditions in Taiwan are well-suited to agricultural development. However, in the face of current trends, the most pressing question is how can we apply technology to develop agriculture in response to the challenges posed by a declining population of farmers and changes in the global environment?

To promote technical and vocational education in agriculture, the Department of Biomechatronics Engineering at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology collaborated with the National Science and Technology Museum. They combined theory with practice in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery. Their efforts were aimed at developing talent in this field.

Visiting the Exhibition

1.On-site visits

2.Use postcards to complete tasks to get through each level after which the final stage is experiencing the application of drones in agricultural technology via virtual reality. Souvenir photos of participants playing the role of “Tech farmers” will be taken. Visitors can also participate in the other agricultural machinery and industry-related activities during the exhibition.

B1F circular atrium


Section A:“Dream of a World”

Which fields of study research agriculture?
Obtain your postcard to embark on your vocational and technical journey. Sow your seeds of hope in the soil of this rich wonderland.

Section B:“Consulting History to Observe Today”

Which fields of study can increase the production efficiency, scale, or quality of agriculture?
Enter into the world of agricultural implements in the past and nowadays. Learn how automation and other fields of study improved the efficiency of agricultural production. Compare the differences between agricultural implements in the past and nowadays.

Section C:“Colorful Wonderland”

Which fields of study research traditional farm tools and artistic creation?
Experience traditional agricultural implements from NPUST‘s “Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements” which preserves Taiwan’s past technological achievements in the agricultural industry.

Section D:Intelligent Agricultural Machinery

Through an integrated cloud monitoring system, nine intelligent agricultural machinery units developed by NPUST enable farmers to monitor and regulate the status of agricultural products in real time, increase production, and improve quality. The physical display showcases the integration of related technical-vocational education with industry data to introduce diversified development of intelligent agricultural machinery.

B3F "The Story of Taiwan Agriculture" exhibition hall


Section E:Sustainable Agriculture

Agricultural development goes hand in hand with the technological sector. Sustainable agricultural development can only be possible with holistic considerations and investment. Come and see the journey that the technologically invested farmer has taken towards industrial and vocational development of agricultural technology.



National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Department of Biomechatronics Engineering

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